Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Mobile-Portable bakeries by Global

The latest technology in high capacity bakery equipment featuring mobile bakery systems.

GLOBAL BAKERY & FOOD EQUIPMENT Co.Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of bakery equipment. Systematic research, rapid application of the research findings into production, and the utilization of the latest scientific and dietetic information make it possible for the company to produce bakery equipment that satisfies the requirements of all types of environments and all weather conditions.
Mobile bakeries are a specialty of Global Bakery & Food Equipment which has designed and delivered such units for a variety of baked goods including bread, rolls, buns and flat Middle Eastern bread.
These mobile bakeries have a production capacity ranging from 500 to 4000 baked goods per hour.Set-up of a mobile bakery in the field requires approximately one hour and dismantling can be achieved in approximately 20 minutes.
Global Bakery & Food Equipment custom builds bakeries to meet the needs of armed forces in many situations.
Mobile bakery inside two 40 feet and one 20 feet trailer. Generator for remote location or for back up. All Stainless Steel construction. Four person produces 2,000 hamburger buns per hour.All tree trailer had outside mounted air conditioner units,insulated washable walls,inside lighting, skylight roof windows, aluminum non slip floor. Equipment is floor or wall mounted for securing machines during shipping. All equipment is made from food approved material.

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